Central MN Women Shine is a physical and online community HUB providing needed services and resources for area women and their families to create sustainability.

CMWS's goal is to provide a space to share your hopes, challenges, inspirations and actions – a place to grow wealth and wellness inside out!  

Central Minnesota Women Shine is here to validate where you are on this amazing journey called life – listen to your challenges, celebrate your milestones, help you realize your vision. And, we will be there to solute the actions you take every step of the way.
Would you like to be a part of this exciting organization?  Be a vendor or service provider? Do you have the time to be a Board Member or be on the Advisory Committee?  Contact us.

Central Minnesota Women Shine
P.O Box 7597, St. Cloud, MN 56302
For more information, Click the underlined link to see the Organizational Documents for Central Minnesota Women Shine.  There you can learn details about the mission, the 4 focus areas for building communities of wealth and wellness, membership benefits, dues and more. If you find that you share this vision and are passionate about the goals of the organization, click the underlined contact us now link.
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The mission of CMWS is to connect area women with resources, training, technologies and mentorship, empowering every woman to create a sustainable future for self, family and the greater communities in which we live.
We offer netweaving (networking the women's way) and other events. Please check with Mary Margaret or Dara for times and places. 

​How the dream grew out of a netweaving: In 2011 area women of all colors, fields, walks of life and belief systems gathered with CMWS and agreed something new was needed to empower women. The next year, 2012, ideas, goals and a non-profit to guide its vision were developed through netweavings-- which is simply networking the women's way-- . If 2013 was the year to "Build the Dream", 2014 we began to Actualize The Dream.  

Become a member and support the dream. Consider a leadership role as a board member or join a focus committee and grow with the CMWS community. Download the PDF, fill it out and email it to info@centralmnwomenshine.com

The founders of Central Minnesota Women Shine are Mary White-Levilain and Dara Westra. When a life coach and a soft skills trainer saw a need and challenges of women in the central Minnesota area, the idea was born.